At Wainright & Wassel DDS, we are pleased to offer a cutting-edge tooth abrasion treatment for cavities. The Kinetic Cavity Preparation or KCP instrument is an exciting new advancement in dentistry that does not require anesthesia and can make your cavity treatments easier, faster, and more comfortable. It can be used as an alternative to a drill when you are receiving a treatment for your cavity.

How KCP Works

The KCP instrument uses kinetic energy which is the energy mass in motion. It propels particles of alpha alumina by compressed rate and precisely sprays away decay rather than using a drill to grind away tooth structure.

Benefits of KCP

If you come to us for cavity treatment through KCP, you will enjoy a variety of benefits. Firstly, you won’t need any anesthesia and feel more relaxed and comfortable during the treatment because there is no pressure, vibration, or heat. KCP fillings also reduce your risk of microfracturing and chipping and allows us to treat multiple cavities during a single visit.

In addition, KCP will give us the opportunity to treat cavities at earlier stages without removing healthy tooth material so that the strength of your teeth can be preserved and your risk for future crowns can be eliminated.

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