Making decisions about your children’s health can be tricky, and it adds up. Not knowing what doctor to see or what dentist to see, what treatments they should or shouldn’t get. It can get out of hand, but it can be managed. When it comes to teeth, whether you are an expert or not, it is important to make smart decisions for the safety of your children. One question often asked is whether kids should get a root canal or a crown on a baby tooth.

There are different answers to this, and many dental offices say yes, but this is not always the best case. The fact of the matter is, that tooth is going to fall out. If the affected tooth is causing your child a lot of pain and trouble, then it would be best to get in contact with your dentist and decide the best moves from them. However, it is not always the right choice to have a root canal or a crown done on your child, and it could be a waste of money, especially when the tooth is going to fall out soon, anyway.

This is a big procedure to have done on your child, and it could cause them a lot of unnecessary stress, as well as adding to a fear of the dentist if they already have one. It is not always the case, but this procedure should be thought about and made carefully, and you should be sure to consider all options. If you are uncertain if you should have your child’s tooth pulled, get in contact with Wainright & Wasel today and we can get schedule an appointment for our Raleigh, NC office.