Many patients have anxieties when it comes to visiting the dentist. Movies worsen the issue, so children especially have preconceived ideas about how scary a visit to the dentist will be. When these anxieties become excessive, some patients will ask for sedation. This is not necessary for every visit, and there are some where it is required or suggested, but there are options to choose from when being sedated.

The point behind sedation dentistry, or often called relaxation dentistry, is to calm and relax the patient before and during an appointment. The dentists use a sedative that works to depress the central nervous system. Sedation will not completely put you to sleep, you will still be able to respond and react to the dentist as needed, but there will be little to no memory of the procedure after it is over.

There are many benefits when it comes to sedating a patient during an appointment. If the patient has dental phobia, dental anxiety, a fear of pain, or a low pain tolerance, it will not only be beneficial to the patient, but it will help the dentist tremendously during the appointment. The sedation causes an increase in comfort, in patient cooperation, control of the gag reflex, and it saves time.

There are a few forms of sedation that the patient may choose from. There is a conscious sedation that simply relaxes the patient while they are still aware and responsive. This sedation can be given orally by swallowing medicine, by inhaling gas, through an injection or shot, or intravenously. The next type of sedation is often referred to as laughing gas. This is given through a mask, and it is very effective and has little side effects. Another type of sedation that is often used for children is administered orally. For children that require a stronger form of sedation, they are given an oral sedation that could cause sleepiness.

These options are found in many dentist practices, but one should do research on the practice before making an appointment. There are many Raleigh dentists that offer such sedation but our staff at Wainright and Wassel will go above and beyond to make your experience the best it can be.