For patients that have serious damage to a tooth or to their teeth, they may require a crown a partial crown. Crowns are a prosthetic that is built specifically for your tooth, that is placed and fixed to cover a damaged tooth. They are cemented to the tooth or the implants that are already in existence, and are helpful in strengthening the damaged tooth. They are also beneficial in aiding the appearance of your teeth if there are gaps or imperfections in them.

There are two types of crowns; full or partial. A full crown is a type of cap that completely covers the damaged tooth. It is used when the damage is severe enough, or if it extends near the gumline. The other option is a partial crown which could be an inlay or an onlay. These are easier approaches that are used if the tooth does not need as much damage repaired.

Many dentist offices require an initial visit and check up to gather the information needed to make the crown. The dentist’s office will then make you another appointment so they have time to build the crown to fit to your specific tooth. There is new technology, however, that allows for dentists to build the crowns right in their offices. Wainright & Wassel DDS is one office that does have the equipment available for this. While waiting after the initial checkup, the crown or partial crown can be printed immediately in a 3-D printer that has build the ceramic restoration piece designed for your mouth.

There are not many Raleigh dentist offices that offer the on site lab for crowns, so finding one that is a reputable office and offers this is hard to come by. It is a quick and easy way to turn what would normally be two visits into just one. It takes a bit of time for the crowns to be printed, but it is quick enough for you to sit and wait for them to finish. This is why you should contact Wainright & Wassel today. We can make the crown process very easy.