Patient Education

We want you to understand your treatment so that you can make informed decisions about treatment options. In an effort to better educate our patients, we have invested in CAESY Patient Education®, a simple way to learn about the procedures we perform in our practice.

Oral Health Care

Dentistry is an ever-changing profession and has undergone a paradigm shift in the last few decades. The resources present for dental research and development have allowed it to become one of the most advanced practices of medicine. The implementation of new materials, instruments, and minimally-invasive techniques has greatly improved dental diagnosis and treatment. Now is the best time in human history to achieve optimal oral health. The following are a few examples of how our practice can help you obtain your goals for your oral health care.

Amenities That Set Us Apart

Wainright and Wassel DDS is always striving to provide the latest technological dental equipment for our patients. Click on any of the links below to learn more about the different amenities you will find in our office. These dental “extras” insure that you will receive the highest quality care that will also make your stay with us most enjoyable!