The process of extracting or pulling a tooth is usually done when a tooth has been damaged and cannot be repaired. In a tooth extraction, a tooth is completely removed from its socket. At Wainright & Wassel DDS, we are pleased to offer tooth extractions and oral surgery to patients in the North Hills area.

If you visit our office and one of our dentists notice one of the following, a tooth extraction may be recommended.

  • A tooth that is permanently damaged as a result of severe decay
  • A severely fractured tooth
  • Gum or bone disease
  • Impacted wisdom teeth

What to Expect From a Tooth Extraction

Our North Hills dental office takes great pride in making the tooth extraction process as comfortable as possible for our patients. Before we pull your tooth, we’ll provide you with a local anesthetic so that the area where the tooth will be extracted will become numb.

If you have an impacted tooth, one of our highly trained and experienced dentists will cut away the bone tissue and gum from the tooth and grasp the tooth with forceps. They will then rock the tooth back and forth in order to loosen it. If your teeth are stubborn, they may need to be extracted in pieces.

How to Recover From a Tooth Extraction

After a tooth extraction, you’ll be provided with aftercare instructions. You will likely take an over-the-counter or prescription pain medication to manage any pain or discomfort you may be experiencing. We’ll ask you to consume soft foods and avoid rinsing your mouth vigorously for several days after your extraction.

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