There are a variety of reasons teeth become chipped or cracked. You may experience a chipped or cracked tooth after eating a hard food, falling down, playing sports without a mouthguard, getting a large cavity, or grinding your teeth.

Many of the patients who come to Wainright & Wassel DDS because they have a chipped or cracked tooth ask our dentists how to tell if a root is exposed on their tooth. If a root is exposed on your tooth, you are likely facing severe tooth pain, pain that radiates into your jaw, ear, or temples, sensitivity to heat, sensitivity to cold, or a darkened tooth.

Often times, chipped or cracked teeth that expose the root need to be treated with root canals. The purpose of a root canal is to clear the decayed tooth matter and remove the nerve. Fortunately, root canals cause little or no discomfort when they are performed correctly.

If you come to our office and our dentists decide that a root canal is the right solution for your chipped or cracked tooth, you will receive an anesthetic to reduce discomfort. Then, our dentists will drill into the tooth and remove the pulp and nerve of the tooth.

Next, the tooth will be sealed to prevent infection. If we find that the strength of the tooth has been compromised, we may place a crown on top. Without receiving an immediate root canal treatment, infection may spread and lead to serious health problems.

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