There are many anxieties involved with going to the dentist, but insurance issues should not be one of them. Not having insurance holds many people back from getting their teeth checked and taken care for, but there are options that Raleigh dentists offer to help those in need to get their dental appointments in.

There are dental payment plans that you can talk to your dentist about, or find a dentist with a payment plan that fits your needs. At Wainright & Wassel, there are a few different types of plans you can have without having insurance. Unlike other dentist offices, their attempts to help their patients have a better smile are not held back by insurance issues.

There is an adult membership plan that is for patients 13 years and older. It has a $99 activation fee that is a lifetime fee, and is only $34 a month. The next plan is a child membership plan that is for children 12 years or under, and is $29 a month along with the $99 lifetime activation fee. The third membership option is the Perio Membership which is again a $99 activation fee and a $52 monthly fee. This plan is meat for patients with periodontal disease.

All three of these plans include doctor exams, dental cleanings, and any x-rays that are needed, along with one emergency exam per year. These payment plans are all payable by debit and credit, and are easy to cancel. These membership plans are designed to ease the pain for those who worry and stress over going to the dentist when they do not have an insurance plan that covers dentist bills.