Baby teeth, also known as Primary teeth, are living tissue, and are just like adult teeth. They do have roots, but the roots dissolve in the gums when the adult teeth begin to grow, causing the baby teeth to become loose and to eventually fall out. Think of them just as smaller adult teeth. Because they are smaller, baby teeth can often get cavities that quickly become very large and can be destructive.

If left untreated, the cavities can cause pain and infection. This is the extreme case, however. It is often said by dentists to have your child’s teeth pulled, but this is not always necessary. If the infection becomes painful for your child and starts to become an issue, affecting their every day life, or if the infection has the chance of spreading to permanent teeth or other baby teeth, then it would be suggested to looking into getting your child’s teeth pulled. Baby teeth, however, fall out over time.

Although it is tempting to have their teeth pulled, pulling teeth too early can cause other infections or injury. Pulling baby teeth can also cause unneeded stress and strain on your child. If they seem unbothered by the affected tooth, it is probably fine to let it go. Some dental offices will also push this procedure just to make some more money, even if it is not necessary to have the teeth pulled.

You want to make sure to speak with your dentist about all options, or call our reliable North Raleigh Dentists to see about your children’s teeth and make an appointment today!