Every child is different, as are teeth. Starting usually around 6 months, a baby’s teeth begin to erupt. When your kid reaches about three years old, that is usually when all 20 baby teeth should have grown in. It varies between children, but losing baby teeth and growing adult teeth usually begins around age five or six.

This is a very exciting stage for many children, and a step towards growing up. Some children lose their teeth very quickly, having all 20 fall out right after one another. Others lose them over time, and it may take a while. In losing baby teeth, they may fall out during your child’s sleep, and they could swallow it.

There are many scenarios in which a baby tooth can become loose and fall out, so it is important for you and your child to be aware of any loose teeth. By the age of 12, most, if not all of your child’s baby teeth should have fallen out. It is normal for this timeline to vary, and often times if your children’s teeth have not fallen out and it is getting in the way of the adult teeth growing in, the dentist will recommend having the baby tooth pulled.

This is not always the case though, and not for everyone. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s teeth, call our North Raleigh dental office today.