Most children begin to lose their baby teeth at around age 6 so that their adult teeth can grow in. Here at Wainright & Wassel DDS, we see many children who are losing their baby teeth and transitioning to adult teeth. Sometimes, parents inform us that their child’s 6 year old molars are causing headaches and pain. They aren’t sure whether this is normal and do not know what to do.

When a child’s 6 year old molars start to come in, they may feel the same teething symptoms they felt when they were babies. Pain and headaches are two of these symptoms. Fortunately, these symptoms can be relieved with over-the-counter pain medications and don’t normally persist for long period of time. You can also give your child cold foods such as frozen bananas, a cold carrot or apple, or a smoothie.

If your child’s pain and headaches cannot be relieved through pain medications and cold foods and you notice that they are coping with this discomfort for a while, you should schedule an appointment at our office. We’ll determine whether their pain and headaches are the result of another dental or medical problem so that your child can find the relief they deserve.

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Wainright & Wassel DDS is pleased to provide quality dental care for patients of all ages, including those with 6 year old molars. If your child is dealing with pain or headaches that do not go away, schedule an appointment at our office today by calling 919-847-1322.