The majority of children lose their first baby tooth at around 6 years old. While some children get nervous about losing teeth and are afraid to touch or brush them, others cannot stop playing with their teeth and showing them off to their friends and family. You can expect your child’s transition from baby to permanent teeth to last until they are 12 or 13 years old.

Even though the loss of baby teeth and the eruption of adult teeth usually happens naturally without any complications, sometimes, children experience swelling on their gums and face. If your child has swelling, you may be nervous because of the dramatic look it causes. You should understand that swelling usually resolves on its own as the tooth breaks through the gum tissue and continues to erupt.

In most cases, treating this swelling involves good oral hygiene and an oral antibiotic rinse. Feeding your child more liquids such as mashed bananas and applesauce and giving them an over-the-counter pain medication such as Ibuprofen may help as well. If you notice that your child’s swelling persists, you should schedule an appointment at our dental office as soon as possible. We’ll determine whether their swelling is a symptom of a more serious dental or medical issue and help your child get the relief they deserve.

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If your child’s 6 year old molars are coming in and they are coping with swelling that is not going away, you should contact our office at 919-847-1322. We’ll perform a thorough investigation and take some x-rays to determine the cause. If you are looking for the best group of Raleigh pediatric dentists, look no further than Wainright & Wassel. Our staff has a great deal of experience with children and we are confident they will enjoy their dental experience each time they come to our newly renovated office.